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mercurius cocktails

At Mercurius we have a wide selection of cocktails with or without alcohol. These include some of the most classic cocktails from around the world, as well as some we've created. All of our cocktails are made with first-class drinks and ingredients, with fresh fruit and served in spectacularly decorated glasses


spirits list

We have created a cellar that includes the most famous beverage brands from around the world. An excellent selection of single malt whiskeys and premium vodkas, gins, rums and tequilas. Great is also the variety of aperitifs and liqueurs, so you can select and have a drink on the terrace of Mercurius.



We may have a reputation for the cocktails we make and the great variety of drinks we have, but we are here for wine lovers as well. At Mercurius you will find a list of selected Greek wines, white, rosé and red, that will fully meet the requirements of your palate.



Nothing compares to a hot summer evening, enjoying a cold beer


soft drinks & coffees

If your mood does not require a cocktail or an alcoholic drink, home-made and premium refreshments, juices and smoothies, as well as all famous soft drinks and variety of coffees are waiting for you at Mercurius.

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